As those of the ideological right-wing conservative movement like to claim, it isn’t a just right for a woman to have the control over her own body to decide to terminate a pregnancy because that unborn child, as they claim from conception, can’t consent to giving up their life.

If we are to take their argument to its logical conclusion, then no more children should be conceived as they cannot give the consent to be brought into the world, screaming and cold, in the first place.

I think they know this, and also do not want to take the responsibility of the consequences their beliefs bring to those they wish to inflict them upon, namely in their fervent desire to end all social safety nets and support. They only care about life until it is actually realized and then, they disappear, unwilling to stand by those they ridicule into acting as they wished them to.

This mother’s story is heartbreaking as a parent. My own children have lived healthy lives and I cannot imagine the pain she endured seeing her son die in such a way but know that, as she herself stated, I would have been on the side of termination so my own precious creation could hold off until the next egg was fertilized rather than have it be punished relentlessly for my own hubris.