Rob Greenfield is an adventurer and activist who is currently cycling across the country sustaining himself solely on food found in dumpsters to raise awareness of just how much perfectly good food we’re throwing away as a society.

That we produce enough food to feed our entire population, and then some, yet so many go hungry as wasteful consumers throw away what they don’t want should be a disgrace to a nation that likes to beat its chest about just how great it is.

What does it say about us as a society that we would rather throw food away and donate a couple dollars to some charity rather than actually help those right in our own backyards? Or that we throw so much away while there are people who could actually need and use that nourishment.

To me, this is the worst part of our out of control consumerist society.

Help spread the word by forwarding this story or even better talk to your local grocer and ask if they’ll join the #DonateNotDump cause and let’s see if change really can happen.