I love to quote Bill Hicks. He was more of a modern day prophet than many give him credit for. And one of my favorite bits of wisdom he imparted on us, which wasn’t unique to him and he acknowledge as much, was that this life is just a ride.

I have to keep reminding myself that as I routinely allow myself to become wrapped up in political rhetoric and “debates.” Life is just a ride. And politics is just a game. A game played by sociopaths, but still just a game.

In the end and in the scope of actual reality, none of it matters. Regimes and empires fall, remembered only in the history books. Even then, their stories doctored by those with the most to gain from any particular point of view each version has to tell. As they say, history is written by the winners. And the winners will always write the history in their favor, making themselves out to be the arbiters of truth and justice. Their vanquished enemies the scourge of peace.

Just a game.

What really matters is how we treat each other as individuals, on a personal and therefore global connected level because after all we are all connected. Be it through how our actions affect the environment and therefore every living creature touched by the ripple we created, or how our actions affect those right next to us.

I used to play that game. Actively debating those who held opposing views to mine, as though somehow my political slant was more righteous than theirs and I just had to win them over to my side. It’s just a game.

Truth be told, it was in that frame of mind that this site sprang into being. The epiphany that came to me just had to be shared and people needed to hear what I was enlightened to. They needed to be awakened as I had been. But that journey is personal I realized later and has to come at its own time to others when they’re ready for it. Eyes can’t be opened through debate, at least not usually. They also can’t easily be opened through actively putting it in front of them, like Bill Hicks did. Many just took it as bitter comedy. Some took the message to heart and listened and had their eyes opened. I was part of the latter.

So rather than use this site as a way to put some kind of enlightenment in front of people, I think it’s better now to just let it be a passive voice. Put the thoughts down, share some bits we learn along the way, and let those who find it and take it to heart do with it what they will.

That’s the best way to live by example. Everything else is just a game.