Personally I don’t hold much regard for the concept of private property in the larger scale of future resource management and would prefer a resource-based economy, but in these times and under our current system of government private property is supposed to be one of the foundational corners of our freedom here in America.

I have read quite a few comments where people lash out at this guy for storing so much water and that he shouldn’t be allowed to as he is affecting local aquifers. Whether or not you personally agree with his right to store 13 million gallons of water for personal use bears no weight here. He is using these reservoirs to collect rainwater and snow melt run-off. This is water that is either flowing through his property or falling onto it from the sky. He isn’t stealing water from other existing sources.

If this kind of government behavior grows in popularity, the logical conclusion could be that it could be illegal to use any on your own property that doesn’t come from the city or state owned supply.

If you can’t collect rainwater for personal use, you also wouldn’t be able to collect it for garden irrigation, or for use inside your own home that you have built off-the-grid.

I say to anyone complaining that this guy loses his right to collect rainwater only because of the amount he has collected, that you could be next once someone in the local municipality decides that any collection over say 500 gallons is stealing from the city.

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