Independence is my happiness, and I view things as they are, without regard to place or person; my country is the world, and my religion is to do good.

—Thomas Paine ~ The Rights of Man

Political and religious ideologies are instruments of oppression, division, and control. Neither of these paths provide any service towards the betterment of the human species, or the world at large, which should always be the ultimate goal. We are not the only species on the planet and therefore the outcome of our actions must take that into account.

That we cannot travel throughout the world, free as we desire, shows clearly the truth of the previous paragraph. The world offers amazing beauty and difference that in each part of the world, is largely cut off to most people, in some cases due to religious barriers, in others because of political ones. National pride, or obedience, cuts one off from the world beyond their borders. These imaginary walls need to be broken down.

The idea of centralized, national governments and segregated religions has become an outdated notion whose time has come. Freedom comes from the very aspect of simply being alive. Both religion and government claim to provide the framework for protecting freedom, but if you look at history and their actions, what you find is nothing more than a constant constriction of rights.

In recent times we have learned that it isn’t only in foreign lands that our government feels it has the right to turn that same thirst for war inward, against the very people it claims to be fighting elsewhere to protect. In a paranoid fervor that one could only call a mental illness in a person, our government has turned its intelligence gathering agencies inward and spies on American citizens here at home. Not only spying on violent criminals and “terrorists” but also by infiltrating peaceful protests and activist groups. It believes it has the right to assassinate its own citizens.

These are not the actions or policies of a healthy system of government, instituted for the betterment of its people.

But what can you expect from a government, and a corporate environment, where profit is to be made through the jailing of citizens by way of criminalizing ever-growing lists of human behaviors. We have the highest rate of incarceration in the world, yet we, a collective we, beat our chests as being the freest nation in the world, going so far as to claim we’re spreading this freedom when we overthrow other governments.

We have also built a society with an unhealthy fixation on money and the need to have money in order to afford the basic needs of survival. On top of that we stigmatize, and politicize the stigmatization of, the social safety nets that are supposed to be in place to help those in need.

Let’s put an end to the push of propaganda that money is the only way to live and that only through earning more of it can we truly be happy.

The notion that money is the gatekeeper to survival is just a sign of an overall belief in the fantasy that money is somehow this all-encompassing, all magical, and all important thing that if it ceased to exist, somehow everything around us would cease to exist with it.

I call bullshit. The methods of production would still exist. The desire and passion to create would still exist.

I say that we could even be further along in innovation if the forced need to earn more money was taken out of the equation. Take that worry away and creative, passionate people would have more freedom to innovate and create. The argument that nobody would take out the garbage is bullshit. People would still step up to support the community and people would put their talents, in all aspects, to use for the larger goal of not living in shit holes. In that innovation could be the automation of basic community services like sewer and trash removal.

Why would anyone be depressed, or unhappy, living in the most prosperous nation on Earth? There must be something wrong with them. It couldn’t be the system, right?

Wealth and value is created through the very creation of money itself. And through this process, we are told, is the only way the world can operate. I say that if the people who have a vested interest in the continuation of a diseased belief are the ones to tell us that it is the only way we can survive, alarm bells should be going off.

To allow private corporations to control the means of disease control and eradication is to put our fate in the hands of a cold, unfeeling corporation’s bottom line. The world provides all the healing we need, yet since there is no profit in promoting natural healing and healthy living, the private pharmaceutical industry derides most natural remedies as crack pot and unsafe. When in reality it is the toxic chemicals they produce and sell that does the real physical damage to the body.

We should not allow corporations to control what we as free beings can use for our own health and wellbeing. Private corporations should not be allowed to control any natural resource.

The fight for the control of natural resources is the symptom of diseased collective will, fully committed to its own destruction. It is the snake eating its own tail. Not only does this encourage the rapid depletion of those resources with no regard for the consequences, but it fuels wars as governments become corrupt with power and take to the lands of other nations to take for themselves what they believe they deserve. That we allow this to happen in our name says a lot about how subjugated and brainwashed we are. We are the only species on the planet which willingly validates its own subjugation with an idiotic smile plastered across its face.

This isn’t about utopia. This is about survival of not only our species, but all we share the world with. The next evolution of human experience and thought must come. Holding on to outdated, corrupt, and damaging systems of belief and social structure will only bring about our downfall.

I don’t claim to have all the answers, but what I am willing to do is admit that there is a problem. A very big one. I don’t think you have to have all of the answers before you have the right to bring to light what you think is wrong.

There are people who feel that way though, and when you do act on your beliefs and bring up what you think needs to be fixed, they are right there challenging every aspect of your questioning and don’t bring forth any attempts of answers of their own. No, that isn’t how they operate and it isn’t their responsibility. They’re not there to contribute to the conversation. They’re there to stop you from asking the questions in the first place. These people will never be open to the greater reality of the human experience; to the realization that we’re ultimately doing it wrong.

The systems we created in the past just aren’t productive, nor conducive, to our survival any longer. We need to open the dialogue and have the conversation so ideas can be brought to the table.

I hold to the idea that the next societal evolution should be on the path to an actualized resource-based economy, free of corporate control of resources and government interference of personal freedom and enforcement of corporate policy.

Private property ownership hasn’t existed for a very long time. At best we lease the land and buildings we live in, even the ones we manage to build ourselves if we can make it through all of the municipal legal and financial barriers in place to extract money out of people by way of bureaucratic extortion.

A resource-based economy could address the issues of providing for the needs of everyone so as to have access to food, shelter, and health care. We would also need to get over ourselves and allow innovation to happen that may threaten, or put an end altogether to, the economic monopoly of resources. High speed trains which operate on technologies such as maglevs would eliminate most of the need for personal motor vehicles, or large transport. If you would need a motor vehicle, one could be checked out from a local pool of vehicles like we check books out of the library. Most items we take for granted as personal property truly are unnecessary.

Without the monetary requirement for survival, the need to charge for what we create is removed as well. I think great works of art and innovation would come into existence from this lack of financial barriers. People free to dream and create without the fear of scarcity of basic needs would be open creatively more than they could ever imagine. These works would be free to the world, open for modification and advancement; the limitations of monopoly through monetary control removed.

As a consumerist society, we are trained from an early age to feed our immediate wants and that to do so we need to learn a skill in order to trade the most productive years of our lives for the attainment of those painted pieces of paper. Wants become interchangeable in immediacy to needs and we’ll give the wants more power than our actual need to see to our needs.

Many of the wants we confuse as needs are designed to be obsolete. We call this planned obsolescence. It creates a steady cash flow for the corporations who create the products by creating a false urgency that we need to buy the latest and greatest so we won’t be left out or behind by our peers.

The manipulation of this desire we have to be included and not seen as different is also an aspect of society that I think is detrimental to us as a healthy species, but is also a control mechanism used as a hammer to bring down on those who stand out as individuals, outside of what society deems normal or acceptable. It harms the natural growth of creativity and diversity.

Artistic and creative endeavor has fueled both great achievements in the arts but also in science and have provided some of the greatest services to humankind and those are enjoyment and wonder. Imagination and creativity should be encouraged and nurtured as they give to the world what no human creation has been able to.

Societal norms are restrictions on human nature and the realization of one’s true self. We are always too worried about what those we allow to have emotional control over us will think of us if we outwardly express our true selves. For the sake of our mental and emotional health we need to be able to be who we grow into being. To hide one’s true self in order to appease others is unnatural and unhealthy.

This doesn’t mean those who have a desire to do harm to others should be allowed to act out on those desires. Community would quickly deal with those individuals. That isn’t the same as allowing people’s personal views of diversity take power over the ability of the individual.

Religion has been a great manipulator in this regard. Organized religion has created for itself a guaranteed profit base by claiming anything outside of its strict moral code is to be ashamed of and then forced this framework on a simplistic, paranoid, and superstitious people and somehow many of us haven’t grown out of it yet, but in terms of the timeline of human development, organized religion is but a blip.

Spirituality is what should be encouraged as the natural evolution of human thought and introspection. Philosophical thought, self-evaluation, self-reflection, are where personal energies and focus for a greater understanding would provide a much more productive benefit to the individual and humankind in whole.

It is high time for the enlightened to rise up and put an end to the deranged fantasy which convinces people that borders, nations, religions, race and currency have any real meaning beyond oppression of the many for the benefit of the few.

It is high time to open our eyes to the fact that we share this planet with all the other species on it and it belongs, in whole, to all living organisms.

The only thing I hold on to is that when it comes to my last breath, if I had to choose a regret mine would be regret of the things I had done and not the things I hadn’t. I don’t think you truly live if you do not risk pain, heartache, failure, disaster, mistakes, and life itself.

You need to live your life for you, all out, no holds barred. Succeed, fail, but always do, either way.