Have you heard the quote:

Your problem isn't the problem, it's your attitude about the problem.
~ Ann Brashares

I've been trying to take this to heart and put into practice in my daily life and relationships. Sometimes I succeed. Other times I fail.

Life brings with it a connectedness that is inescapable and most times beneficial. But there are times we feel the sting of a word or sentence and internalize that feeling as personal when instead we should allow that feeling to be a springboard into a little bit of introspection; a time to reflect on what about that sting is really causing the issue.

Is it really what was said, who said it, or is it rather our reaction to what was said that is causing us the turmoil.

Experience and circumstance do affect how we interpret and react to the world but maybe these are really just signposts showing us where we can work to be better people for the world, and ourselves.

You'll never achieve enlightenment. Enlightenment isn't a destination. It's a process; a journey. And for that, I am now and will forever be a work in progress.

My current meditation: Hammock - Departure Songs (Full Album)

My current meditation: Hammock - Departure Songs (Full Album)