The more I think about it, the more I really do favor a world where capitalism no longer exists.

Those with a vested interest in its continued practice will, and do, of course categorize any concept that is anti-establishment or anti-capitalist as an affront to freedom or crack-pot. But what they’re really saying is, as Bill Hicks put it: this must be real. Look at my bank account.

The bit of wisdom I pulled that quote fragment from had a much larger message: this is just a ride. And as such, we can change it at anytime if we coalesce the required will to do so.

Money, and by natural extension capitalism, is not real. The physical paper or metal disc the value is assigned to is, of course, but that value and its worth and hold on our lives is not. Capitalism will be our ultimate downfall if we do not come together as a species desiring of its own survival and change our way of thinking about existence. If we continue down the path of consumerism and all its destructive traits we will consume ourselves out of existence both literally and figuratively.

Imagine a world free of political, national, religious barriers. The whole of the Earth open for your exploration and enjoyment. Without the oppression of wage slavery over our heads we would be free to explore space both inner, and outer (thanks again, Bill), and build the kinds of communities that would embrace and encourage intellectual and technological advancement without the care or need for profit.

It is possible. We could achieve it. All we have to do is do.

Detractors will malign such attempts by pointing out any connection to commerce or income as proof of hypocrisy, but I would gladly take myself out of the economy as soon as I found a landlord willing to negate the rent and any such charges for utility. You can’t by any means totally remove yourself from the system when as it stands participation on some level is compulsory.

I would if I could, though. Trust me.