As more details come out surrounding the shooting of Michael Brown last Saturday it is becoming more clear just how much of the story those rioting in Ferguson didn’t know.

The survivor of the altercation admitted through his attorney that Brown did in fact steal from the store. But, does this crime of stealing cigars really equate to the use of lethal force? Even if there was a struggle at the cruiser, Brown was shot after he had run down the street, away from the officer, and then turned around with his hands up. According to his accomplice, Brown was already shot once before he turned around to comply.

But what really disturbs me, no matter how often I come across the same level of vitriol on comment threads of all kinds of stories, is the depth of hatred so many people demonstrate by saying this young man deserved to die for his actions.

Violence only begets more violence, as we’ve clearly seen play out in Ferguson.