I'm a recent listener of the Intercept's podcast, Intercepted, and the first one I've listened to is about the disastrous, and dangerous, racist history of the United States's foreign policy that nobody ever wants to talk about.

There are many examples throughout our recent history of the failures and devastation the U.S. has left behind in other countries when it has tried to exact its brand of democracy (it's not lost on me that every time it has "succeeded", the system put in place of the one destroyed isn't a Republic or a representative democracy as in the U.S.).

That the military-industrial complex is one of the two halves of the U.S. economy shows just how far We the People have sunk down into our collective couches and abdicated our responsibility. That the other of those two halves is the petro dollar shines a light on the complacency we've traded for that responsibility; the former being the hammer to extract the value of the latter.

Saddam Hussein wasn't tried for gassing tens of thousands of his own people in the Kurdish North. He was tried for killing a couple hundred dissidents after a failed assassination attempt. Why wouldn't we have allowed the Iraqis to hold him accountable on the world stage for the most grievous of his crimes against humanity, you ask? It's quite simple, really: the chemical weapons he used all carried the Made in the USA label. There was no way Washington was going to allow the world to be reminded of its playing of both sides of the fence during the Iran/Iraq war and then standing silent as both sides murdered their own citizens with American weapons. And we didn't "liberate" the Iraqis to free them from him. We "liberated" them so they would continue to trade their oil on the petro dollar.

And that wasn't the last time, of course. Nor the first.

There'd be no al Qaeda if not for arming and funding the Mojahedin in our proxy war with Russia in the 80s.

There'd be no ISIS if not for our overthrow of a sovereign Iraq, and then later funding the enemies of our enemies, who were also our enemies.

Libya wouldn't have collapsed into chaos if not for Hillary Clinton's State Department deciding Ghaddafi couldn't be allowed to not only move away from the petro dollar, nor achieve his goal of uniting Africa under its own currency, away from the dollar.

There are very diabolical reasons behind almost any intervention, or support, the United States engages in. Governments in general, for that matter.

As Bill Hicks would say, the fevered egos have to do everything they can to keep the illusion of their power in play. We are all one, and if we're to survive as a species we better start acting like it.