How many times will we allow bombs to drop under a propaganda campaign of eradicating terrorism? Terrorism is a type of warfare, and I’d say any act violence is terrorism to the people on the receiving end.

(WARNING: Strong language ahead)

It’s just ridiculous to me that time and again this government and the people who run it behind the scenes beat their chests and rage for war.

How many have to die before intelligent people wake the fuck up, stand the fuck up, and scream STOP FUCKING BOMBING PEACE INTO EXISTENCE!!!

It will never work.

This bullshit “war” against ISIS will only fuel more religious extremism against those they consider committing terrorism against them. Beyond these civil wars, and that’s what these are locally to them, the US and its allies have created this hell storm that the US is going back to fuck up even more.

You CANNOT destroy an idea.

I am seeing more and more that organized religion is a plague upon this planet and all of the innocent life their wars destroy. Organized religion creates division, strife, self-loathing, arrogance, ignorance, and terror. Add onto that this delusion that the American way of life, that is a society based on rabid consumption, is the best and only way to live and we just dig our shit hole deeper and deeper.

It’s depressing and I’m so fucking tired of all of this bullshit. This disease we refuse to cure leads us to be the only species on the planet who makes itself pay to live here, while doing its best to wipe out life as we know it.