You may notice things look a little different around here. I changed the site from the WordPress platform to Ghost. There are a couple reasons why I decided to make the change:

  1. Jetpack wasn't allowing me to log into the admin of the site while I was on Tor. This just wasn't acceptable to me. At home I use the Tor Browser through Bitmask and Rise Up's VPN service.

  2. I personally enjoy the simplicity of the markdown syntax. I converted my personal blog to the Ghost platform a couple years ago.

For the time being, and for what is probably the foreseeable future, Toker will mainly be just a blog so the need for a bloated CMS just wasn't there. If we add any new features I'm sure I'll find a way to integrate them with Ghost so all of our written content can continue to be written and served up through the beauty which is Ghost and markdown.