With a growing populace distrustful of those sworn to protect it and police forces increasingly focused on revenue generation and crowd suppression, we’re coming to a tipping point where the kinds revolutions our government supports, if not fuels, will be realized here at home. And it will be met with the kind of force we condemn around the world where we openly call for those other revolutions.

Make no mistake, this kind of oppression is about power and control, not about protecting us from ourselves. And this power and control is rooted in the concentration of wealth at the top at the expense of the majority of society, on whose backs this wealth is siphoned out of the economy.

And it’s not just wealth of money being stripped away from those who need it most. It’s also the wealth of natural resources around the world being bought up or taken by force so that the few can profit from the mere survival of the rest. When basic necessities such as food, water and shelter have become nothing more than commodities to be sold for the profit of corporations, survival itself becomes a job. And what happens when you can’t even afford the basic needs of survival and find yourself living off of the scraps of society on the streets? Your homelessness becomes a crime itself; another revenue stream for local law enforcement agencies.

This rugged individualism that has somehow become America’s new national slogan isn’t what built the country, nor is it an example of what it means to be a great society. Especially not when your nationalism leads you to claim to be a member of the best society that ever existed. Listen, pal, this society is only a little over 200 years old. We’re but a tiny fraction of time in human history. The Titanic was called unsinkable but its builders and looked what happened there. What makes a great society is its ability to hold itself up as an example of what it can achieve for mankind as a whole, not how wealthy it can make the fewest amongst it.

The value of money as an economy is an illusion but we’ve allowed ourselves to be fooled into believing in its never-ending power, even though its value has continued to decline for decades due to inflation. The longer we go down this path of currency worship the farther down the rabbit hole we’ll go and injustices like those in Ferguson will only grow bigger and worse until an all out civil war breaks out here at home.

Corporations who manufacture the means of war will stoke the flames of revolution for their own profit, not for any true sense of correcting injustices. They’ll sell to both sides of the confrontation and pit them against each other. And they will say the tired mantra of peace through superior firepower. That kind of peace is only the kind that comes about when both sides are dead and buried and there is no one left to shoot. That’s not peace. That’s not prosperity. That’s not healthy. That’s not sane.

We were modeled after great societies that championed intellect, intelligence, art, creativity, wonder, reason. The ancient Greeks and Romans weren’t only about war and domination. They made lasting symbols of their ingenuity that we cherish today. This society tears down its heritage to create space for more shopping malls and housing developments. We haven’t expanded on or actually improved upon any of the achievements of those societies. In some cases we’ve actually devolved from the achievements they made.

How can we claim such greatness and yet deride many of the ideals even greater societies championed? We no longer celebrate greatness. We celebrate wealth, and nothing more. Well, wealth and conquest. Neither of which will last.

We can achieve greatness as a society if we’re willing to see things for what they are and admit that the system we’ve only recently developed isn’t the end all be all we lie to ourselves that it is. We need an era of cooperation rather than more of this rugged individualism. There doesn’t need to be haves and have nots, class warfare, and civil unrest. These are all symptoms of a society worshiping at the altar of the all mighty dollar. Not one focused on bettering all of humanity for the sake of humanity with humanity.